Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Performance for the Modern Human. Or Sapien

Welcome, welcome, welcome fellow Sapiens! We are Sapien Body – Hi!! – and our mission here is to grow and foster a community focused on finding sustainable balance in our lives through personal growth, nutrition, wellness, fitness and everything in between. We believe that operating from a place of stability of both mind and body empowers us to make sound decisions and action the very best paths for ourselves and our futures.

…To be our best we need to feel our best. Period.

In today’s exponentially increasing competitive world, functioning at our best is no longer a luxury, but a requirement. And finding and maintaining that elusive balance gives us the foundation and faculties to deal with all that life throws at us because, hey, getting through life unscathed or without challenge isn’t really in the cards.

Health and wellness has many meanings in many contexts. From fueling our bodies with the right foods and supplements to physical exercise to healthy relationships and meditation, it all plays a part in our well-being; and we’re going to explore it all. Through our supplements, products, content and training videos we want to help you get there. But more importantly, to stay there through creating sustainable, positive changes and habits in your life. We want you to be your best and most effective self. Period.

The Sapien staff along with thought leaders, professionals and our fellow peers in various disciplines up and down the wellness spectrum will be providing content exploring bio-hacks, nutrition, personal growth strategies, fitness routines, general wellness principals and life. So come learn, experiment and evolve with us as we meander through life.

Now, let’s Sapien!

Bio Hacks

Small change, big results. This way things can happen a wee bit quicker.


We all have different constitutions and needs. A diet for one, may not be a diet for another.

Personal Growth

Because there is always something to improve on. Or learn.


Don’t need to be religious. Just concerned with your existential path in life.

People (Relationships)

Life is better when we’re all living in harmony. With both others, and ourselves.


We’re born with two legs, two arms and a brain, use them like you’re supposed to.

Commitment to Quality

All of Sapien’s products are proudly manufactured in the US. Our ingredients are imported and sourced from the US and all our formulas are manufactured in Food & Drug Administration (“FDA”) Registered and Inspected Facilities, and adhere to strict Good Manufacturing Processes (“GMP”) Standards.


Each and every one of our products has a QR (Quick Response) code conveniently placed on the bottle label so you can review the certificate of analysis and confidently know, what you are putting in your body, well, should be put in your body.


Sapien supplements do NOT contain allergens, animal products of any kind, GMOs, artificial colors or flavors, chemical preservatives, gluten, or soy AND in veggie encapsulated. BAM.

Certificate of Analysis, got it. So, what exactly is it??
We test the integrity of our raw ingredients and the finished product to ensure they meet the high quality standards of the various guidelines set out by the state and federal government of the US.
How long do supplements last?
Generally speaking, all dietary supplements should be kept in a tightly sealed bottles, protected from light and stored in cool, dry places. Supplements do degrade naturally over time, however, the shelf-life of most, if not all, dietary supplements is much longer than the usual period of normal consumption or use.
Are Sapien products capsules or tablets?
All Sapien products are in capsule form.
A capsule is a soluble gelatin container to hold a powdered supplement formulation vs a tablet, which is where the supplement formulation is compressed
Are Sapien products Vegan?
Yep. They’re safe for everyone. Including the meat eaters