Sapien Spotlight! Shubham Dhumal

Shubham Dhumal of Nashik, India, has been a supporter and believer of Sapien from Day One. When Sapien first launched in India, we sought people from all backgrounds throughout India to try our products and ask for feedback, but really to talk about all things health with them. We wanted to learn, what was their view on health? What were their habits? And everything between.

Shubham and I, really connected and shared a similar ethos, perspective, and mission to help spread fitness, health, and ultimately, happiness. We gave our full line up of supplements, vitamins & herbal blends to Shubham back in September 2018, and then we wanted to come back 6 months later to see how things were progressing – his answers are below!

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Q1. Shubham, tell us a little about yourself?

My full name is Shubham Vivek Dhumal, I'm from Nashik, Maharashtra, India. I'm 21 years old. I'm a fitness enthusiast and a National Level Swimming Athlete! I'm currently in my final year engineering and provide fitness consultancy by the name “Alpha Fitness.” I got into fitness about 4-5 years ago and since then I have been passionate about staying healthy and motivating others into being healthy.

Q2. How did you first hear about Sapien? What made Sapien stand out to you?

I heard about Sapien on Instagram about 7 months ago, I was on keto at that time and heard about the Keto Complete product from Sapien. I was very keen to try out that product, so I ordered it on Amazon. But before I tried the product, I had it lab tested and it turned out the same way the Sapien mentioned it on the product. I was very fascinated by the results it offered me. This was something that makes Sapien different from others, they offer you products with high quality and banned substance-free.

Q3. Having now used Sapien supplements for since September of 2018, how did they help you meet your fitness, weight & overall health goals?

As I said earlier, the wide range of products Sapien offer gives an individual an array of health benefits. I was very keen on trying their Keto Complete because I already was on Keto Diet, thus was very excited to know how exactly it will help me increase my ketone levels and bring out more ketosis. The results were pretty astonishing for me, when I started using it I was 78kgs and in 45 days I dropped to 69kgs. So this by far was my most successful cut down in such less time. When using it I was trying to get in shape by reduction of excess fats in my body after a long bad phase of injury. So Sapien has helped me to achieve my goals and helped get me on the track again after recovering from my injury.

Q4. When you start your fitness journey, what was your starting weight and what is your weight now?

When I first started my fitness journey I was a skinny kid with mostly bad health habits and low confidence. I was 40kgs, I remember I had my weight measured while it was my first day at the gym and it was just 40kgs. I have reached up to 81kgs, it is more than double the weight when I started my journey. So at first, it was quite hard for me to gain weight, but then again diet is the key! Whether your goal is to gain or cut, you can achieve any goal you want with a proper sustainable diet.

Q5. What is your current diet? Are there any foods you avoid completely?

I'm basically a vegetarian guy, so most of the people ask me how do you consume enough protein with a vegetarian diet? I usually answer that management and proper planning is what is required for a proper and protein-rich vegetarian diet. Though vegetarian protein doesn't have all 9 essential amino acids (except soy). You can still have them and get a decent physique with an optimum fitness level. As for now, I'm just maintaining my muscles and not planning for any bulk or cut, my current diet consists of

  • 500 ml full cream milk, 3 small bowls daliya (oats) cooked in milk, 3 chapatis with veggie/ daal + curd
  • Fruit salad (mix) + medium serving of sprout/channa, 200 gm paneer(cottage cheese) + 100gm rice+ sabzi/daal. And lots of water!
  • I avoid foods with trans fats and excessive oil, also fast food (it is fine to consume that once in a while).

Q6. What’s your favorite pre-workout snack?

There are a variety of food items I prefer as my pre-workout meal like oranges, oats, apples, sweet potato, dried fruits, and boiled wheat pasta also, but one of my favorite and healthy pre-workout snack is Honey-Banana Pancake. This snack is very easy to prepare as well as serves as the best snack for pre-workout.

The recipe is as follows :

  • Mashup 2 bananas in a bowl
    Next, add & mix the following:
  • 2 tbsp - ghee
  • ½ cup - milk
  • 1 cup - refined flour (sometimes I will add some ragi flour for extra flavor)
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • ½ cup - Greek yogurt
  • 1 tbsp - baking soda
    Once all mixed together:
  • Grease pan with a little olive oil

Enjoy the delicious pancakes! 😊

Q7. Describe your typical workout routine. Favorite exercise?

My workouts differ according to the goals I need to achieve. But my basic workout regime is pretty much the same with some necessary changes according to the goals.
I hit the gym only 4-5 days in a week and give the body rest for the remaining days. My schedule is as follows:

  • Day 1 - Push day → All the exercises comprising of Push variations, i.e. Chest, Shoulder & Triceps
  • Day 2 - Pull day → All the exercises comprising of Pull variations, i.e. Back & Biceps
  • Day 3 - REST
  • Day 4 - CrossFit and Functional Training.
  • Day 5 - Legs → Quads, Hamstrings, and Calves
  • Day 6 - REST
  • Day 7 - Mobility and Cardio

My favorite exercises are Squats and Deadlifts

Q8. What advice do you have for others wanting to lose weight and get toned?

Having a decent physique or at least having a nice toned body is the dream of every person! But this cannot be achieved overnight. It needs a lot of patience and persistence. If you want to get toned, set your goal accordingly and work for it. Doing endless amount of cardio or any other exercises and not having a healthy diet will get you nowhere! As it is said ' Abs are made in the Kitchen'. Counting your intake calories as well as the calories you burn at the time of workout will help you achieve your goal. I would advise that if you want to lose weight or get toned and you don't have time to go to the gym you can still achieve your goal. Focus on your diet a little bit more and try doing some home workouts. You can also do HIITs and body weight exercise circuits to get toned. There is one more special thing that you can try and is my personal favorite is - fasting! I would suggest that you try one day of fasting for every 20-30 days to increase your metabolism, I would recommend doing it for the whole day (try this on weekends) and it would work wonders. If you can (from your busy schedule) you can also try intermittent fasting in weekdays.

Q9. As you know Sapien believes that all aspects of our lives, factor into our health. Aside from diet & exercise, what are some other healthy habits important for you?

For me being healthy is not just a destination, it is a lifestyle. Aside from diet and exercise, there are many factors that contribute to being healthy. Some of the vital everyday habits that I follow for myself are:

  • Hydration → I keep myself hydrated constantly, this is the most important habit I would suggest in order to stay healthy and active.
  • Sleep → Getting proper sleep every day is another must → I would suggest having at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. This helps in muscle building as rest is necessary for muscle growth. Try sleeping around 22:00 because staying up late isn't good for your immune system and speeds up aging.
  • No Tobacco & Alcohol → Consumption of these things will increase your health risks and would hamper your goals.
  • Limiting gadget use → Using the gadgets every now and then like mobiles, laptops, etc.., may harm your eyesight. It can also cause severe migraines. Overuse of these gadgets reduce your fertility rate and can decrease your energy levels. 

These are some healthy habits I follow on a regular basis so that it contributes to my body positively.

Q10. Last question! You’ve become my role model with your ability to perform the Human Flag, how do you do it? What are the exercises? Any other tips for doing it?

Hahaha, being someone's role model is still very far from where I'm now. Still, thank you! I will tell you my secret of how I learned the Human Flag! The first and the most important thing you must do is visualize and have the body-mind connection that you can do the Human Flag; because this is what helps you achieve it.

  • The major muscles engaged while performing Human Flag are basically Shoulders and Abs. The shoulders should be strong enough to carry the whole upper body and the abs for the lower body.
  • For shoulders → Military Press, Snatches, & Pull-ups
  • For abs → Side planks & Leg Raises!! Try holding side planks for as long as you can. Also, try weighted leg raises.
  • The last piece of advice would be to use a resistance band while practicing the Human Flag, it will help you to correct your form and also will help you master it quickly 

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Health is Personal, and personal health is a puzzle, what are your pieces?


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