Why you should make your bed

We’re not your mother, but we do agree with her. Making your bed in the morning is underrated in its ripple effects throughout our day. Viewed by most - including us - as a chore, it’s another one of those things that you should be doing, but probably don't want to. And even that’s fine. As David Goggins explains, intensely we might add, doing shit you don’t want to do builds resilience. Resiliency is a crucial ingredient in discipline, willpower and success.

When your iPhone alarm goes off in the morning, the day begins. Exiting your bed is more or less the first thing you’re doing which means that making your bed is your first decision to make. Making a bed can be a breeze or an annoyance, all depends on your bed set up - we’ll go through options below. If making your bed can be a breeze - ie space on 3 sides vs against a wall or in a corner - sorry, but you don’t really have an excuse :) - make it! It’s good for you.

Making your bed is a “small win” at the very start of the day, and can help set the tone for the rest of your waking time. A made bed will improve your confidence as you start your day, having known you’ve begun the morning in a productive, responsible, and mature way. This practice represents progression, positive momentum, and can create a wee bit of pride as you get your day going as beautifully noted by Admiral William H. McRaven. And the Admiral goes on to note that even when you have a bad day, you get to come to a freshly made bed to comfortably sleep it off and wake renewed for the next day.

Hacks for making it Easy(ier) & Cleaner:

  • Don’t use a top sheet - preferred, but ultimately a luxury #AmIRight? The way we look at it, as long as you got a blanket, you’re good.
  • Use a duvet cover. They are less of a hassle to clean than a comforter or heavy blanket. Keep that comforter clean and your sheets, cleaner. 
  • Good pillows - a good night’s sleep is very important, and comfortable pillows are key.
  • Blackout shades - pull those bad boys open in the morning and let the light in, we bet it will get you motivated.
  • Clean sheets every 1-2 weeks. No more than 4. We’re all lazy sometimes but they can get gross.

Check out the post on sleep here for more hacks to a good nights rest. Just remember to make your bed in the morning!

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