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Sapien was formed by 3 young guys in their early 30s living in New York City who recently embarked on living healthier lives after the spoils of being young and invisible started to fade. We slowly started taking care of our health one step at a time – fueling our bodies with the right foods and supplements to exercising to meditating and everything in between.

As we shared what worked and what didn’t with each other, we realized that while there were common themes, everyone’s habits, routines and approaches, were different.

This is how Sapien was born.

We believe that existing, living, succeeding and most importantly, finding purpose in ones life is a multi-faceted, customized approach that should be implemented holistically. A mouthful, yes, but living in today’s modern world, is. Sapien is a wellness lifestyle community that lives at the speed of modern technology, but believes in taking a holistic, organic view of health. Everything from exercise to proper diet, to blue-light glasses, friendships & work stress, our health is a stew of it all. 


Discovering and living your unique life blueprint, the pieces to your puzzle, to be your best self; everything from the physical to mental to emotional to spiritual and more. You know you, better than we know you and we can’t tell you what – nor should we! –  what to do. What we can – and will do! – is provide you with in-the-know & on trend content, tools and community to help navigate your life.

Let’s live, baby!




Herbal &
Vitamin Blends

Each formula is carefully researched and supported by extensive research and consultation from our growing advisory network of PhDs, herbalists, nutritionists, homeopaths and other professionals. We combine centuries of Eastern traditions and wisdom with Western research and technology to create effective, holistic formulas.

All formulas use ingredients that are all tested for purity and efficacy. Sapien formulas contain No unwanted synthetic material. NO microbial contaminants, NO heavy metals, NO toxins, NO adulterants, NO pesticides and NO gluten.

Your health is everything. Expect total transparency from us, it’s our mission.



So now that you have been seeing these QR codes all over the place, and have just been learning all about how awesome QR codes are, are you excited to start using them yourself? But have you noticed something about all those codes you’ve been seeing? Yup that’s right. They barely ever have an explanation of how to use them! So, are you wondering how?

To scan your QR code you’ll have to download one of the many applications out there. All of which will utilize your camera to scan the label (or other QR codes you’ll run into). A lot of the newer smartphone models available today often have an app pre-installed on them. However, if yours doesn’t just download one of the applications through your phone’s app store (examples include the Android Market, Apple App Store, BlackBerry App World, etc.) and download a QR code reader/scanner app – you can find a listing of some of the QR Code Readers/Scanners apps available here.